In 2002, Seattle Atheists was founded as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational organization. It combined several organizations previously founded by Pat Inniss, Jerry Schiffelbein, and Wendy Britton. As required by the state, officers were elected, including President Wendy Britton and vice president Pat Innis. That year, Seattle Atheists had 9 members.

In 2004, formal elections were held to elect the first full board. Marcus Dunavan was elected as President and Wendy Britton was elected as Vice President. The first blood drive was also held, and has been held on a semi-monthly basis since then. That year, the group had 24 members.

In 2005, Seattle Atheists grew to 44 members, and began two new programs: our annual holiday gift-wrapping event for charity, and our first Seattle Atheists t-shirts.

In 2006, Seattle Atheists grew to 68 members, began volunteering as a group for the annual KUOW pledge drive, and participated for the first time in the University District Street Fair.
In 2007, Seattle Atheists had 97 members, and officially became the host of the Northwest Freethought Coalition’s Darwin Day celebration, which occurs annually in February. In 2008, Seattle Atheists membership broke triple digits (146).

In 2009, the board and committees were restructured to reduce and simplify the organization. Kyle Hepworth, Jami Blackann and Megan Spielbusch unveiled the new Flying Spaghetti Monster at the Fremont Solstice Parade, garnering much publicity. The first series of bus ads promoting atheist principles without rancor was unveiled, and the website was redesigned to provide more value to our members and the public. In 2009, the 200-member mark was broken, ending the year with 236 members.

In 2010, Seattle Atheists was recognized as Affiliate of the Year by American Atheists for its work promoting and displaying atheism as a positive force in the community, and building a strong organization.

Seattle Atheists will continue to build on that ideal through our presence at public events, our participation in charity action, and our participation in public discussion of atheism and free-thought via press releases and media appearances.

Seattle Atheists intends to continue our activities as members of the Seattle and greater Puget Sound communities, and as promoters of a positive vision of atheism working toward a world where religion and superstition are no longer relevant in public and private life in the Puget Sound.

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