Strategic Plan – Seattle Atheists Evolution

In recent months, the Seattle Atheists Board of Directors created and approved a strategic plan to grow Seattle Atheists into the main organization of the atheist community in the Puget Sound. We see this new phase of our organization as the natural next step, and appropriately call it “Seattle Atheists Evolution.”

As part of the strategic planning process, the Board updated the organization’s vision and mission statements:

Our Updated Vision:

A Puget Sound where atheists are equal, respected, and active citizens, supported by a vibrant community and a wealth of programs to meet their specific needs.

Mission Statement:

Cultivating positive atheist culture in the Puget Sound.

The strategic plan identifies four main areas of focus over the next three years:

Structurally Sound Organization – build a solid operational infrastructure that will enable Seattle Atheists to expand and grow. This includes using appropriate legal and professional advice to make much needed updates to the Board’s operation, and organization’s bylaws, accounting, and management software, and build the capacity to leverage paid staff to run programs.

Strong, Visible Atheist Community – align our existing and new programs to reach a larger audience in the atheist community, position Seattle Atheists as the obvious representative of the community, and focus our programs to better address the needs of our community.

Positive Image of Atheists – continue to provide opportunities for the atheist community to do good, and ensure that these activities are visible to the community at large; educate the public and combat prejudice about atheists by giving our community a face and a voice; ensure that the voice of our large atheist community is properly represented and considered in state and local government.

Fundraising – significantly increase our fundraising capability to support the planned growth of the organization.

We are very excited about our plans for the evolution of Seattle Atheists. To succeed, we need help from you – our supporters and members, both in funding Seattle Atheist’s evolution, and executing the plan.

Seattle Atheists – Articles of Amendment to Articles of Incorporation

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