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I'm an atheist because I think the mass managers abuse the idea of an afterlife. They teach young men that if they take no thought for their own lives while facing death on the front lines of the territorial wars that they're fighting on behalf of said mass managers, and die in battle, that they will simply go to a place that is so much better. It's the mass managers, safe behind lines, who benefit from this brainwashing. Think of Roger Waters' dad in the movie Pink Floyd The Wall, and the lyrics that say, "And the Ansio Bridge was held for the price of a few hundred ordinary lives." I have a song wherein I sing, "Please don't get the two confused, that people are to be loved, and things are to be used." Mass managers, stop using these innocent young men to gain the riches that you so love, and stop teaching the idea of an afterlife that you can use as a social tool to brainwash these young men.

Jay Scott

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