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This is a list of press that Seattle Atheists has received in the past few years. It is not a complete list, but if you have a link you’d like to share, please e-mail us.

WSJ: Holiday Displays Spark Civic Disputes
KPLU: No Holiday Display Ruckus This Year in Olympia
Bellevue Reporter
Seattle Times: Atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation to meet in Seattle
My Northwest: Seattle Atheists posting ads in buses
Current: Atheists starting new bus ad campaign
KVI 570: Radio spot NEWDOW et al v. ROBERTS et al
Huffington Post: Atheist Arrogance
KIRO: Atheist Display Returning To State Capitol Campus
Atheists, Jews apply for Capitol holiday displays
Seattle Weekly articles
FSM on
Jefferson Today: Seattle Atheists are turning to the words of Thomas Jefferson
Skepacabra: The atheist buses come to Seattle
Atheist Bus: International Round-Up
Friendly Atheist: Seattle Atheists Condemn Atheist Plaque in Washington
KXLY: Atheists, Jews apply for Capitol holiday displays
Bellingham Herald: Atheists, Jews apply for Capitol holiday displays
The Olympian: Capitol displays: Atheist group has new holiday sign to put up
KIROTV: Atheists, Jews Apply For Capitol Holiday Displays
The Olympian: Atheists take softer approach with Capitol display
Friendly Atheist: Seattle Atheists Get Display in Olympia, Washington
Seattle Metblogs: Seattle Atheists Buy Ads On Metro
Friendly Atheist: Atheist Bus Campaign in… Seattle!
Friendly Atheists: Seattle Atheists Want a Sign in the Washington State Capitol Building
Seattle Times: Danny Westneat: Atheists hot? You better believe it
Seattle’s atheist bus ads: So, Virginia, is there a God?
Examiner: In new bus ads, Seattle Atheists bet that religion hasn’t enslaved your mind
Telegraph: Nick Spencer, What quotation would you choose?
Seattle Weekly: Seattle Atheists Starting New Bus Ad Campaign
Local atheists lift their voices in Metro bus ads
Q13FOX: Athiest Group Requests To Put Another Sign Near State Capitol
Q13FOX: Atheist Ad Campaign on Seattle Buses
Democratic Underground: Seattle Atheists are starting a bus-ad campaign
Examiner: New holiday themed “No God” bus signs going up in Seattle
Antimattr: Seattle Atheists come up with some interesting bus ads
Epicopalian: Atheist Bus Ads to start in Seattle April 1
Sojourner: God’s Politics Atheist Bus Ads Arrive in Seattle
Seattle Magazine: Trend: Seattle’s Atheists Speak Out
Youtube: Seattle Atheists, FSM, Seattle Gay Pride Parade 2008
Youtube: KOMO4 Seattle atheists bus sign wars 09

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