Jami Blackann

jami1Name & Location
My name is Jami, and I currently live in Kirkland. I was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio.

How long have you considered yourself an Atheist?
Since my freshman year of high school.

How do you prefer to describe your non-belief?
“Atheist” works for me.

Can you describe a personal event or discovery that had a major influence on your non-beliefs?
I started doubting Christianity during the time that I was made to attend church on a regular basis in order to become a confirmed Methodist. I suppose everyone’s indoctrination attempts backfired, since it forced me to actually start thinking about religious belief systems, death, values, rationality, skepticism, the meaning of life, and all that jazz. I took a great biology class during ninth grade which really introduced me to the world of science and rational thought, and I officially began calling myself an atheist after reading the 1985 National Geographic series of articles about human evolution. Science just made sense to me, and I realized that I had no need of religion.

Why did you join Seattle Atheists?
I first joined simply because I wanted to socialize with fellow non-believers. We don’t exactly have many groups like this back in Ohio, so it was quite refreshing to discover people who share the same lack of belief in god(s). Furthermore, I wanted to become more active in the group and help educate people about atheism and free thought.

What do you consider to be a common misconception about atheists?
That a lack of godliness equals a lack of morality. Many people still view atheism in a negative light, or they just can’t seem to wrap their minds around the idea. So, you guys worship Satan, right? . . .

What is the meaning of life?
There is no meaning.

What are 1 or 2 of your favorite atheist-related websites?
James Randi Educational Foundation:  A great place to read about the JREF’s efforts to debunk pseudoscience and bring rationality into the world.

The Secular Web:  A really good resource for all things secular.

Share a favorite quote.
“Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem.” (Entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity.) ~William of Ockham

If you could have a serious discussion or debate with one living person in the world, who would it be?
Hmm… I think Teller would be an interesting discussion partner.

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