Vendor policy

Officially sponsored Seattle Atheists events allow our community to come together to share ideas and experiences. They also to offer our members and the public to purchase items that enable them to declare their pride in being Atheists. Seattle Atheists, as a 501(c)3 organization, permits the sale of merchandise only to help defray the costs incurred by those events.

As the cost to rent venues, purchase food and drinks, and create and supply educational materials can be substantial, Seattle Atheists rarely earns more money in merchandise sales and donations than what is spent paying for the costs associated with the event. To continue to offer compelling, educational, and entertaining events, Seattle Atheists must produce additional revenue through the sale of merchandise.

In addition to selling our own merchandise, such as T-shirts, Seattle Atheists does permit vendors not affiliated with the organization to sell merchandise at our events. Holding to a commitment of intellectual curiosity and open-mindedness, Seattle Atheists regards the inclusion of outside vendors as a positive means to increase the knowledge and opinion available our members and attendees, while creating a mutually beneficial way to help offset operational costs.

To ensure an equitable mechanism for including vendors at Seattle Atheists events, the Board has decided to implement the following requirements for any individual or organization interested in selling at a Seattle Atheists-organized or sponsored event:

An individual or organization wishing to sell merchandise during an event must submit an application to Seattle Atheists at least seven (7) days prior to the event date.

Vendors must supply, via email to, or in writing to Seattle Atheists, P.O. Box 283, Seattle, WA 98111-0283, the following information:

  1. The name of the individual or organization (the Vendor) wishing to sell merchandise
  2. Contact information for vendor, including e-mail, address, and phone number
  3. Brief description of the content or substance of merchandise
  4. Brief description of why this merchandise is something which would be relevant to attendees to a Seattle Atheists event


  1. You must provide your own change for purchases. Seattle Atheists cannot provide change for vendors.
  2. You must be present to collect money for your merchandise. Seattle Atheists cannot supply a volunteer for this purpose.
  3. Vendors must submit their contact information to Seattle Atheists, and make this infformation available indefinitely to any attendees, so that any concerns with the quality of your merchandise for purposes of returns or reimbursement can be addressed. Seattle Atheists takes no responsibility or makes no guarantee towards the soundness or integrity of a product for sale by a vendor, nor of mediating any dispute that may arise from the sale of vendor merchandise at an event.
  4. Vendors agree that, as part of the terms of selling merchandise at any event, a donation to Seattle Atheists, in the amount of 5% of your sales be submitted, on site, to a representative of Seattle Atheists authorized to collect and disperse monies. Said representative will supply vendor with receipt of final donation.
  5. Seattle Atheists reserves the right to rescind sales privileges to a vendor that an authorized representative of Seattle Atheists deems to demonstrate conduct during an event that is not respectful and/or honest.
  6. Seattle Atheists will make a reasonable attempt to provide you with table space and chairs, venue-specific resource constraints notwithstanding. The Vendor should plan to bring their own tables, chairs, and other equipment to the event, in the event that such equipment is not provided.
  7. Vendor agrees to limit the scope of their transactions to the sale of goods present at the events. We discourage the sales of merchandise that are to be fulfilled at a later date. We prohibit the solicitation of donations to other organizations, unless said solicitation has been previously approved by the Board. (If you wish to solicit donations for an organization other than Seattle Atheists, please include this appeal in your written application with justification for solicitation)
  8. Seattle Atheists is not responsible for lost or stolen goods, counterfeit transactions, or any other malfeasance by attendees at an event. Nor is Seattle Atheists liable to compensate or reimburse the vendor for any such grievances. Official representatives at the event will make a reasonable effort to protect vendors from outright theft, and eject any attendee caught participating in theft, but the vendor ultimately assumes all responsibility for the surety and safety of their property.
  9. The Seattle Atheists Board reserves the right to refuse permission of any individual or organization to act as vendor on any grounds which the Board sees fit. In the event of such a refusal, the Board is not required to supply any information to the vendor aside from the notification of refusal.
  10. Any individual not registered as a vendor prior to seven (7) days of the event attempting to solicit unauthorized donations or sell goods will be asked to leave the premises.

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