Board Member Elections

Interested in becoming a Seattle Atheists board member?

Come and make a difference in this amazing organization and help us get the word out about being an atheist in Seattle! We love new ideas and new energy, and have 7 open board positions this year: President, Vice President, and 5 Members at Large. If you are interested, please email a candidate statement to

All candidate statements will be posted on the Seattle Atheists website so that members can get to know who is running. Mark your calendars–elections are on Saturday, September 20th at 4:30pm at the 2100 Building, and all candidates are required to attend the elections. For those of you who do not plan on running for an office, don’t forget to come out and vote!

Candidates for board positions must be voting members of Seattle Atheists, and should have leadership skills. Experience running a business or a non-profit organization or working on a board of directors is a plus. Skills and experience in accounting, strategic planning, volunteer support, writing and editing, graphic design, website development, marketing, or social media are desired.

Hope to see you there!

Positions Up For Election:


Primary responsibilities include:
• Leads meetings
• Acts as the face of organization
• Formulates strategy
• Drafts a mission and vision, together with the Vice President
• Drafts annual goals
• Assigns permanent seats for Board members
• Serves on the Public Relations Committee
• Serves as the Chief Executive Officer
• Presides over each meeting of the board or designates another board member to preside
• Makes appointments to the board committees after consultation with the board


Ericka M. Johnson

I have serves on the board of Seattle Atheists for three years now and as the president for two years. We have accomplished a lot in the last few years and I’m even more excited about what the future holds. I’ve been fortunate to work with such a talented and engaged board and I look forward to meeting the needs of the atheist community in the coming years. We are poised here in the Pacific Northwest to be leaders in the secular humanist movement and to make a real difference in the way our neighbors see us. I am committed to shaping Seattle Atheists into an organization that leads and which has the influence needed to make serious impacts locally and beyond.

Vice President

Primary responsibilities include:
• Performs administrative functions
• Organizes meetings and Board events
• Manages agendas
• Appoints committee roles
• Serves on the Events Committee and Member Relations Committee
• Performs the duties of the president whenever he or she cannot perform his or her duties by reason of physical absence at scheduled meetings, incapacity, resignation, or death.
• Performs such continuing duties as may be mutually agreed with the other officers


Yossi Banai

I joined the Seattle Atheists board as a member at large in February 2014, and helped drive our strategic planning process. I believe Seattle Atheist’s mission is to connect the Puget Sound atheist community, make them visible, be their voice, and act to ensure that they receive equal treatment through education, programming, volunteering, advocacy, and strong partnerships with other organizations who share our values. My goal is to grow Seattle Atheists to a mature, effective organization which can build and strengthen the large atheist community in the Puget Sound. As a VP, I would help to complete the strategic planning process and start implementing it to make our plan into reality.

In addition to serving on the Seattle Atheists board, I have also been a board member at The Mockingbird Society since June 2012. I’m also a foster parent, and In my free time I work at Microsoft as a Program Manager.

Members at Large (5 Positions)

The five Members at Large attend monthly board meetings and assist the officers in conducting the business of the Board and serve in positions appointed by the Board.


Eliza Sutton 

I’ve been on the Board of Seattle Atheists for the past 2 years, and for 1 year before that (2008-09), and am running again for a 4th term as Member-at-Large. In the past I have also served on the Boards of a cooperative preschool for 3 years (as member and as president) and of a UU church for 4 years (as secretary).

In the past 2 years, as a Member-at-Large, I’ve been working on reviewing the foundations of the organization Seattle Atheists – its purposes from its Articles of Incorporation and under its 501(c)(3) status, plus its “Constitution and Bylaws” – with an eye toward making sure these are all aligned, consistent with Washington nonprofit law, and form the basis of the group’s activities. I’ve also worked on developing and revising some of the organization’s policies.

I would appreciate the opportunity to continue this work, and to continue supporting the Board and the organization in any other manner needed, in the coming year.

George Juillerat

As an active member of Seattle Atheists it has been good to see our organization growing and atheism gaining more acceptance in the broader community. I have been enjoying my work this year with our amazing board members and hope to continue developing our strategic plan for a more sustainable board. It is an exciting time to be part of the Seattle Atheists board and I value the opportunity to help facilitate these efforts in the coming year.

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