Book Club Book Ideas

We meet at the Blue Star Cafe & Pub at 4512 Stone Way N in Seattle to discuss a different book each month, typically on a Sunday.

Upcoming Books

Febuary 3rdThe Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution

March 10th – Religion for Atheists: A Non-believer’s Guide to the Uses of Religion

Want to suggest a book?

Ideally, books for book club will:

  • be available from the library
  • be available as audio books
  • have been out long enough that they can be purchased in paperback or second hand
  • have author interviews or lectures available online for those too busy to read the whole book
  • have content likely to promote lively discussion

Please comment on books that you would like us to read.  We will pick based on popular acclaim, how closely they fit the above ideal conditions, and in an effort to provide variability and balance among different types of books over time.

Book Categories with ideas:

**** already chosen for book club****

Religion, critics of / Atheism

Religion, insider viewpoints or defense of


Social Issues / Morality



  • Tell Me by Addonizio, Kim
  • Selected Poems by Blake, William
  • Collected Poems by Crane, Stephen
  • 7 Years From Somewhere by Levine, Philip
  • Leaves of Grass by Whitman, Walt


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