Board Member Elections & 10th Anniversary Celebration

Happy Birthday!

Seattle Atheists is celebrating 10 years of exuberant local activism and community life. Recently, we have enjoyed an active year of outreach, education, support, and community building, and we’ve built up a lot of great momentum. We’ve featured prominent atheists like PZ Myers, Bob Seidensticker, Noelle Dildine George, Jocelyn Zichterman, Robert Parham, John Geisheker, Roy Zimmerman, Heina Dadabhoy, and Sanderson Jones.

In the beginning of summer, Seattle Atheists enjoyed another strong appearance in the U-District Street Fair, Fremont Solstice Fair, and PrideFest, and of course we marched with our beloved Flying Spaghetti Monster float during the parades. Throughout the year we have continued to bond and build goodwill through our blood donations, Food Lifeline events, and YouthCare dinner. We also helped propel Washington United for Marriage toward success! These are just a few of the things we’ve accomplished, and they wouldn’t have been possible without an enthusiastic board and volunteers like you!

Interested in becoming a Seattle Atheists board member?

Come and make a difference in this amazing organization and help us get the word out about being an atheist in Seattle! We love new ideas and new energy, and have 7 open board positions this year: Treasurer, Secretary, and 5 Members at Large. We are especially seeking anyone with experience working as an accountant or bookkeeper for our treasurer position. If you are interested, please email a candidate statement to You are also strongly encouraged to attend our upcoming board meeting Saturday August 24th, 2pm at Beacon Hill Library in Seattle.

All candidate statements will be posted on the SA website so that members can get to know who is running. Mark your calendars–elections are on Saturday, September 28th, and all candidates are asked to attend the elections. For those of you who do not plan on running for an office, don’t forget to come out and vote! Light refreshments will be provided including birthday cake to help us celebrate Seattle Atheists’ 10 years of making the world a better place.

Candidates for officer positions must be members of Seattle Atheists, and should have leadership skills. Experience running a business or a non-profit organization or working on a board of directors is a plus. Skills and experience in accounting, strategic planning, volunteer support, writing and editing, graphic design, website development, marketing, or social media are desired.

Hope to see you there!

Positions Up For Election:


Primary responsibilities include:
• Attend monthly board meetings
• Responsible for documentation and compliance
• Manages committee reports
• Records meeting minutes
• Performs action and task management
• Responsible for membership documentation
• Creates monthly newsletter and send to membership
• Maintains the minutes of board meetings, the membership roster, and other records as instructed by the President.


Carolyn Pearson

I am running for the position of secretary. Though I’ve been a member of Seattle Atheists for only about a year, I have taken advantage of a lot of the activities and speakers promoted by the organization. My primary motivation in running for the board is to chip in and help keep all these great things happening.

I have previous experience as a board member at a nonprofit, having served as secretary, treasurer, and member-at-large on the board of Seven Star Women’s Kung Fu at various points over the past twenty years. I was also a secretary at a church one summer when I was in college (they didn’t ask, I didn’t tell…). I am an experienced technical writer and editor, have a mind-numbing amount of experience taking notes in meetings, and have some basic web and graphics skills.


Primary responsibilities include:
• Attend monthly board meetings
• Keep track of income and expenses using QuickBooks
• Report monthly on income and expenses
• Keep track of annual budgets
• Manage PayPal and Square Up accounts
• Send out tax receipts to donors
• Register for summer events (fairs, parades, etc)
• Manage volunteer reimbursements
• Report to IRS and Washington Secretary of State offices, as needed


Members at Large (5 Positions)

The five Members at Large attend monthly board meetings and assist the officers in conducting the business of the Board and serve in positions appointed by the Board.


Eliza Sutton

I’ve been a member-at-large of the Board of Seattle Atheists for 2 years (2008-09 and 2012-13) and am running again for the same position.  I also have approximately 8 years’ experience on boards of 2 organizations in Shoreline over the past 12 years or so, in various capacities.

My “atheist cred”:  I’m a lifelong skeptic & atheist who has only poked my nose partway out of the closet, in large part due to my work (which includes teaching and health care as well as several administrative roles).  I’m also a UU, which I know is unusual among people who identify as atheist (though, for what it’s worth, a-theism is common among UUs, at least on the West Coast).  My spouse, teenage child, and dog are also all atheists.

I see atheists as individuals who have many different interests & worldviews, with various areas that overlap to various extents; we’ll never all agree on everything, and we shouldn’t expect to.

For this coming year, I’d like to finish some work begun this past year on Seattle Atheists policies and Bylaws changes.  I’d also like Seattle Atheists to look at the benefits of membership, to clarify why people would & should join the organization rather than simply sign up at the meetup site to receive announcements of all the events.

If you’re looking for someone who’s a bit of a policy wonk, who doesn’t mind the parts of Board work that might seem dry to some, and who has been accused a few times of being detail-oriented but who hopefully also can see the big picture, then cast one of your 5 votes for Members-at-Large for me.

Brandon Hendrickson

I’m the father of two young kids, and am a teacher — leading seminars in philosophy, math, world religions, and a few other fun things. I’ve been an atheist for six years now, after an extended conversion away from evangelical Protestantism driven by an attempt to make sense of the fundamentals of my beliefs.

If I’m so lucky as to be elected to the board, my goals are to help develop rich humanist community, and to help reach out to the rising tide of Millennial “nones” — the explosion of people now in their teens, twenties, or early thirties who don’t identify with any particular religious tradition.

George Juillerat

I am honored to be considered for a board member position of Seattle Atheists and excited to be able to assist the club in this way. For those who have not met me, I have lived in Seattle for 20 years and been an atheist for my adult life.

Fortunately for me an indoctrination into Catholicism didn’t come until I was about 14 and had reached the age of reason. But even still it took some time to shake off the concept of a god and the afterlife punishment/reward system. By my late teens and early 20’s I had basically arrived at an atheistic position, although still inclined to call myself agnostic at that point. It wasn’t until some years later that I would hold a strong atheist view and later still that I arrived at the truly skeptical analysis of all supernatural claims that I advocate now. Even with such a mild and ineffectively late indoctrination as mine, It still took me a long time to be honestly incredulous about afterlife and other supernatural notions, so it’s easy for me to see how difficult indoctrination can be for some people to free themselves from. I enjoy the opportunity to help others appreciate a life free of religion and am interested in organizing a recovering from religion group within SA.

Wanting to find a way to help the atheist movement, I started actively going to the North Seattle Meetup groups then the SA events. I’m thrilled to have found the community, enjoying lectures, debates and other functions whenever possible but truly love the community outreach opportunities of booths and other events at public venues.
Aside from my wife and child, atheist activism is my biggest interest.

I have some management and leadership abilities to lend to the organization including being a small business owner for 10 years, I have worked on the membership committee for a local hobby club and administrated or moderated over several online forums and social message boards for hobbies and video games.

Some of the ways I feel that I could help within SA are:
• Working with board members to assist in club functions.
• Public outreach and putting a face on atheism in the community.
• Supporting others transitioning away from religion including organizing a recovering from religion group within SA.
• Establishing parenting/child care groups.
• Assisting with social and volunteer events.

Thank you for considering me to represent SA as a member at large.

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