Fair Season!


Fair Season is upon us!

If you would like to volunteer to help with any or all of the events below, please email vicki@seattleatheists.org, or you can always just come by the booth and say “hi!”  Don’t worry if you haven’t worked the booth before.  There will be board members on hand as well.

Our first street fair will be the University District Street Fair on May 18th and 19th.  We will need help with set-up and tear-down of the booth as well as staffing during the fair itself.  We will be on the central street (University) this year, so we expect a lot of foot traffic by our booth.

The next event is Relay for Life on June 15th.  You can sign up for our Relay team, help with fundraising (by directing friends and family to our team page), or volunteer to help with the booth we will be setting up on the track.


June’s going to be a busy month.  Next up will be the Fremont Fair / Solstice Parade the weekend of June 22nd.  The Flying Spaghetti Monster, with the help of her entourage of pirates, will be blessing the crowd with her noodley appendages in the Solstice Parade.  The parade is staged the night before which means there is also a mini evening parade Friday June 21st as the floats move into position for those who want to assist is FSM assembly.  We will also have our booth set up for the weekend if you’d like to show Fremont how friendly us atheists can be.

Did I mention June would be a busy month?  June 30th is Pride!  Seattle Atheists will be participating in Seattle Out and Proud Parade as well as PrideFest at Seattle Center.  We need pirates for the parade and some atheists who would like to celebrate our marriage equality victory to staff our booth.


Volunteer Schedule

University District Street Fair: May 18th & 19th

Thank you booth volunteers: Neth, Greg, Audrey, Ellen, Scott, Tony, Elizabeth, George, Kofi & everyone else who dropped in to say “Hi!”

Relay For Life: June 15th & 16th

Thank you to all our walkers and booth volunteers: Scott, Bob, Tony, Mary, George, Carolyn, & Tom

Special thanks to Rada for all her work setting this up and to everyone who donated.

Fremont Fair / Solstice Parade: June 21st & 22nd

Thanks to Tom, Tony, George, and Jerry for your help with the booth.  Thanks also to our hoard of pirates and a special thanks for Neth, our pirate king.


Pride – June 30th

We will be lining up for the parade at 10 AM in downtown Seattle.

Booth Set-up will likely be the evening of June 29th.  Time TBD: Rada

Booth Shifts: June 30th

Noon – 3 PM

3 PM – 6 PM

6 PM – 8 PM (and tear-down) George

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