Circumcision: At the Intersection of Religion, Medicine, and Human Rights

Sunday, April 28th @ 3pm

Greenwood Public Library
8016 Greenwood Ave N, 98103

Guest speaker John Geisheker of Doctors Opposing Circumcision will be addressing us on April 28th, 3:00 pm, at the Greenwood Public Library.

Recently both California and Germany passed laws forbidding any restriction on a claimed adult ‘right’ to circumcise male children freely for religious reasons. These laws are ‘push-back’ resulting from a steadily growing First-world opposition to non-therapeutic, merely ritual, genital cutting of children, especially those traditions imported from the Third-world.

docWhere did the practice of circumcision, ritual or medical, come from, and is it good medicine or human rights’ abuse?

John Geisheker will detail the 19th cent. motivations of Anglophone doctors, and sort through the tangled intersection of medicine, religion, culture, and human rights’ for children.

“John V. Geisheker, J.D., LL.M., has practiced medico-legal law as a litigator and law lecturer, for over 30 years. He is currently the full-time pro bono Director and General Counsel for Doctors Opposing Circumcision.

D.O.C. is an international physicians’ charity based in Seattle, Washington, whose members oppose merely cultural, non-therapeutic, genital cutting of children, male or female, on human rights’ grounds. He has presented on the topic of circumcision and human rights in England, Italy, and New Zealand, as well as all coasts of the U.S.A., for the last 14 years.

John is a native of New Zealand, a country that fully abandoned male circumcision in the 1960’s to no detectable loss of health. He hopes his adopted U.S.A. will someday follow that principled example. He may be reached via the D.O.C. website, or”

Due to the delicate nature of the subject matter, some may be uncomfortable.  Parental discretion is advised.

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