Atheist Bible Study: Guest Speaker Edward Falzon

Edward Falzon is the critically acclaimed author of the controversial, “hilarious and eye-opening” (Gay Chicago Magazine) book, Being Gay Is Disgusting: Or God Likes the Smell of Burning Fat. The book is an accurate-but-irreverent, chapter-by-chapter paraphrasing of the five books of Moses, described by the Star Observer as “a funnier, less-hectoring counterpart to The God Delusion.”

Edward will be touring all 50 states, plus DC and six Canadian provinces from July 2012 to February 2013. He is able (and very willing) to debate on any topic regarding religion, morality or, in a pinch, evolution. For his visit to Seattle, he’ll focusing on the lessons of the Torah.

Edward has been a guest writer for the Bilerico Project and Times Union and is a some-time contributor for the Global Times and CNNgo in Shanghai.

Reviews of Being Gay is Disgusting: The Front Page | Star Observer | Bilerico Project

His book is available on:

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