Camping at South Whidbey State Park

Note that the reservation cost is priced per person, for the entire weekend. To reserve a spot, select from the dropdown above and click “Add To Cart,” then “Check Out” to pay.

Seattle Atheists is organizing its first-ever group camping trip this summer! We’ll be staying at South Whidbey State Park, July 6 – 9. The park features old-growth forest, tidelands for crabbing and clamming, campsites secluded by lush, forest undergrowth, and breathtaking views of the Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains.

The site can hold a maximum of 60 campers, so if you’re thinking about going, buy your passes as soon as possible to guarantee your spot. (We’re informally keeping track of RSVPs on the Meetup event, but our official reservation list will go through the Paypal purchases. See below for more information.)

Where is it located?

4128 S Smugglers Cove Rd Freeland, Washington, 98249


Ferry: If you’re taking the Clinton-Mukilteo ferry, you can review the departure times hereThis page provides a fare calculator.

How long can I stay?

Check-in time is 2:30 p.m. on July 6. Check-out time is 1 p.m. on July 9. Join us for all three nights or part of the weekend.

What should I bring?

Tents, food, water, firewood — the usual gear. Here’s a great checklist of supplies and equipment to help with your packing. If you’re not too experienced with camping, fear not! Contact us if you have any questions. There will be at least one meal (probably Saturday night) where we eat a big potluck dinner together, so please bring food to share.

Comprehensive camping checklist from Love The Outdoors

What’s the capacity of the group campsite? What are its limitations?

The group campsite (like most group campsites) is designated as a “walk-in” site. This just means that you won’t be camping side-by-side with your car, but I’m told that the parking lot is right next to the site. There are camping spots right next to the lot and further away from it.

• Maximum occupants: 60
• Vehicle Parking: 20 (try to arrange carpools to save parking space and cut down on commute costs)
• Do I need a Discover Pass? No: “The Discover Pass is not required if you are camping or renting overnight accommodations.”
• Max RVs: 1
• ADA Accessible: Yes
• Picnic Tables: 16
• Shared and individual fire pits
• Privacy: Excellent
• Water and vault toilets are on site. A full-service restroom is 100 yards away.


Available in the park: 
• Camping • Park store • Pay phone • Fire wood

Available in the area:
• Auto repair • Camping • Diesel • Fishing/hunting • Gasoline • Gifts • Golf • Groceries • Hardware • Hospital • Marine supplies • Overnight Accommodations • Pay phone • Postal service • Propane • Recreational equipment • White gas • Wood • Swimming

The park sells firewood and nature books. Most other services are available within a few miles of the park.

General Group & Day Use Notes:

Fires are permitted in designated areas only – do not leave them unattended. Gathering of firewood is not permitted. Bring your own fire wood (and some extra cash in case you need to buy more at the park).
Behavior: Park ranger has the authority to remove any or all members of the group whose behavior at any time is in conflict with any state law, becomes detrimental to the health and safety of the group or other users, or becomes so unruly as to affect reasonable enjoyment of the park by others.
Cleanup: User group is responsible for cleanup of area, failure to do so will result in cleanup fees as well as loss of any use of facility in the future. Contact park staff for inspection prior to departure.
Do not post signs or banners on any trees, post or signs in the park. Temporary signs may be used if they are free standing.
Alcohol: Keg alcohol and alcoholic punch bowls are not permitted.
Amplified devices: are not permitted.
Parking: Do not park vehicles on the lawn area.
Collection of fees: or donations is prohibited.
Advanced Media advertising: is not permitted.
Pets: must be on a leash at all times.
Misc: Water balloons, straw bales and egg tosses are not permitted.

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