Candidate statement: Ericka M. Johnson

I am new to the Seattle Atheists organization and have been a non-theist for about eight years.  Greta Christina’s lecture was the first event I attended and I was energized by what she had to say.  I am eager to start implementing many of her recommendations into how we connect with fellow non-believers to build and support our community and transition the word “atheist” away from being a dirty word.

Most of my volunteer experience has been with my community center.  Through the years, I’ve been an event host, event staff, volunteer coordinator, volunteer trainer and most recently I organized an off-site fund raiser that’s entering its third year.  I’ve gained skills and perspective I never imagined possible from my work there and would like to bring that knowledge to this organization.  I am still committed to a lot of the work I do with for my community center and this will affect the amount of time I can devote to the Seattle Atheists over the next several months.

I must emphasize that I cannot guarantee I’ll be able to commit to more than 10 hours a month until March 2012.

What I’d like to make happen for the Seattle Atheists:

  • Develop an ambassador program to welcome new members
  • Organize and facilitate more frequent MeetUps and gatherings
  • Develop a more active online community so people can stay connected even when they can’t attend MeetUps
  • Develop marketing material and fliers to spread secular, skeptical and non-theist information

Whether I’m elected or not, I’m excited to be a part of and do volunteer work for the Seattle Atheists.

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