RELEASE: Seattle Atheists Left Behind

Everyone else, too

Who: Seattle Atheists
What: Rapture Relief campaign during Armageddon
When: May 23–27, 2011

SEATTLE, WA – The Rapture was scheduled for this weekend, and if you’re reading this, you were left behind as well. Seattle Atheists are continuing their Rapture Relief campaign, collecting money for those enduring Armageddon.

Response to Rapture Relief has been positive, with over $2500 raised. Funds will be used to address any local Armageddon-sized disaster that happens before the supposed end of the world on October 21. And if the predicted end doesn’t come, the money will go to Camp Quest, a summer camp that teaches children science and critical thinking—the kind of thinking that can prevent this kind of nonsense in our next generation.

“As Armageddons go, this one looks pretty mild,” said John Keiser of Seattle Atheists. “I thought that the blood from the dead was supposed to be as high as a horse’s bridle. That would be hard to miss.”

The idea that the Rapture would happen on May 21, with the end five months later, came from Family Radio, a Christian radio network. Programming from this network continues uninterrupted, and their web site still declares, “Judgment Day May 21, 2011: The Bible guarantees it!”

“It’s like May 22 is just another day for them,” Keiser said. “I’d love to respond to Family Radio’s critique of this Rapture, but so far, we’ve heard nothing.”

While atheists might seem like the last group interested in a Christian prediction of the end of the world, Seattle Atheists have taken this prediction to its conclusion. Will there be suffering? If so, this group is addressing it. “We’re focused on people in this life, not a potential next one,” Keiser said.

Seattle Atheists will continue their campaign at Westlake Park on May 23–27 from 11:00 to 1:00. The message on their sandwich board has been updated from “The end is nigh” to “The end was nigh.”

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