RELEASE: Seattle Atheists Provide Rapture Relief

When Armageddon strikes, who ya gonna call? The atheists!

Who: Seattle Atheists
What: Rapture Relief Fund
When: Taking donations through October 22, 2011
Why: To care for those “left behind” and in the event the predictions are wrong, to support Camp Quest.

SEATTLE, WA – With all the billboards and traveling tours promoting that the “Rapture” will happen May 21, 2011, and the end of the world just five months later, Seattle Atheists wants to help those who may be left behind.

“Who better to care for those stuck with front-row seats to Armageddon?” John Keiser of Seattle Atheists asked, “We’re atheists. We’re pretty sure we won’t get raptured!”

“To help us help you, we’ve created ‘Rapture Relief,’ an aid fund for the unfortunate people left behind.” said Keiser. “When you give to this fund, Seattle Atheists will use the money to help survivors of any Armageddon-sized disaster in the Puget Sound area.”

But if October 22 dawns peacefully and this turns out to be a false alarm, the money will go to Camp Quest, a summer camp that teaches children science and critical thinking—the kind of thinking that can prevent this kind of nonsense in our next generation.

Christian history records hundreds of failed end-of-the-world predictions. Nevertheless, many people, certain that the end is nigh, have put their lives on hold and spent their savings to spread the word.

It will be hard to miss the Rapture, should it actually happen. Believers say 200 million people should be taken up into heaven, and a worldwide earthquake will open all graves so that true believers who have died can join them.

“It’s probably downhill from that point on for the rest of us,” Keiser said. “And that’s where Rapture Relief comes in.”

Seattle-area atheists will participate in several public events. There’s an end-of-the-world party in Tacoma the evening of May 21. Seattle Atheists will be at the University District StreetFair with their sandwich board sign on May 21 and 22. They will also be at Westlake Park, across from Westlake Center, May 23–27 around lunch time.

Seattle atheists have been spreading the word with a sandwich board sign. Photos available at

To make donations for Rapture Relief (or Camp Quest, if this turns out to be just numerological nonsense):

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