Bob Seidensticker on Apologetics: March Membership Event

Bob SeidenstickerWhen: Sunday, March 20, 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Where: The 2100 Building, 2100 24th Avenue South

Bob Seidensticker will be talking about prominent Christian arguments. Bob came to Seattle about 20 years ago to work for Microsoft, and is now a writer. He has recently finished the manuscript for a novel that will prod Christians to consider the intellectual underpinnings of their faith.

Apologetics is the logical defense of Christianity, and William Lane Craig is one of the most well-known and active Christian apologists. At the next Seattle Atheists meeting, we will have a virtual debate with William Lane Craig. We will look in detail at the five arguments he typically uses in his debate, examining each one to understand its strengths and weaknesses. When we’re done, you should have a better understanding of pro-Christian arguments and how you can respond.

Light refreshments will be provided. Please join us on Meetup to RSVP and check out other events going on this month.

We also encourage you to bring canned food items for our year-round Seattle Atheists SeasonLESS Food Drive. We’ll donate the food we collect to Family Works and Volunteers of America food banks in the name of Seattle Atheists.

At our Darwin Day event last month, we collected over a hundred pounds of food. Let’s keep up the good work! Food banks everywhere are experiencing a sharp decrease in the amount of food available to hungry families. It’s time to make sure that giving continues, even AFTER the traditional holiday giving season.

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