Seattle Marathon Waterstop

When: Sunday, November 28, at 6:00 a.m.

Time to give back…Seattle Atheists is running a waterstop at the marathon and we need 30 volunteers to help out!!

Volunteering at a Marathon is a really fun experience…come and join us!!

Please sign up as a volunteer for the SA Seattle Marathon Waterstop. Last year we got some great press and lots of people stopped to have their pictures taken with our banner.

I have signed us up for “Aid Station/Waterstop” and we will be at Aid Station#3 at mile 4 in the I-90 tunnel location. Being in the tunnel is awesome as we will not get rained on…

We need 30 people so feel free to invite your friends or send this to them so they can sign up too, and YES this is a kid friendly event. If you need more info about this please feel free to email us. Maps of parking places are available below.

Volunteering is a lot of fun and this is the best waterstop in the whole marathon as it’s in a covered area and it’s early in the race so folks are all excited and hooting and hollering in the tunnel…good times!

We will need to be there at 6:15 to walk up the ramp and through the tunnel to the location, which is approximately a 5-10 minute walk. We need to be set up and ready for 12,000 runners to come by and get water…and we will be insanely busy at 8am until 8:30am and then be done by about 10ish, so I suggest we find a local restaurant near our parking and go there for breakfast/brunch after we do our volunteer work for the runners. Last year we hit the local I-Hop on Madison Blvd on Capital Hill.

Runners tend to splash the water a little when they take it from your hands so with 12,000 splashes, please wear some waterproof boots or pants if you have any or just be prepared for the fun of splashing water around each other!

ALSO: Water Station Training session is Saturday, November 21st, also at 10:00. The address is 4773 Colorado Ave S., Seattle, WA 98134 (this is a DIFFERENT location than last year, although nearby). We need at least 2-4 people from our group to attend. The training will take approximately 1 hour and is a ton of fun!

Deanna Joy Lyons
Feel free to text me with any questions on race day.


For additional parking and a shorter walk park on the other end of the tunnel here:

Two spots with adresses, google map link, and walking directions. Both are easy to get to from I-90.

Two parking lots near:
1710 Rainier Ave, Seattle, WA

View Map

Park at Toshio’s Teriyaki or Oh Boy Oberto and walk North on Rainier Ave to I-90 Overpass and take stairs up to the express lanes and walk east into the tunnel.


Street parking near:
2200 S Atlantic St, Seattle WA

View Map

Park on street (20-30 spots available at night). Walk to the west end of the street and take the low trail past the children’s play park and then take the crosswalk across the I-90 onramp and proceed to the I-90 overpass at Rainier Ave. Take the stairs up to the express lanes and walk east into the tunnel. Don’t take the high trial that run parallel to I-90 and S Atlantic St. You can’t get to the express lanes that way.

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