Seattle Atheists to observe National Day of Reason

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Paul Case
President of Seattle Atheists
P.O. Box 283, Seattle, WA 98111-0283
(206) 826-0770


SEATTLE — On May 6th, members of Seattle Atheists will observe the National Day of Reason by donating at Puget Sound Blood Centers.

The National Day of Reason is the secular response to the National Day of Prayer. It is intended to inspire secular Americans to be visible and to set an example through actions which directly benefit the community. It provides a positive and visible alternative for the non-religious to the unconstitutional National Day of Prayer.

Seattle Atheists chooses to set an example on the National Day of Reason by donating blood. We wish to provide real, tangible benefits to our community, rather than engage in fruitless appeals to invisible authority figures.

The National Day of Prayer being promoted by the federal government is in violation of Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the Constitution. It asks federal and local government entities to set aside time and space to engage in religious ceremonies. This is supported by tax dollars.

The Supreme Court has ruled that state-sponsored prayer in schools is exclusionary. A nationally-sponsored day of prayer is equally exclusionary. The National Day of Prayer is geared toward a specific segment of religious practice, and is clearly outside the bounds of proper governmental authority. Indeed, the National Day of Prayer excludes other faiths in the United States, including Quakers, Muslims, Jains, Buddhists, and Jews.

For those who do not pray, the National Day of Prayer is exclusionary and elitist. And, those Americans who do pray don’t need the government to remind them to. Government has no business telling Americans to engage in religious practice, or in how they should do it.

“Its not the job of the federal government to encourage and validate religious activity,” says Paul Case, president of Seattle Atheists. “It’s illegal for them to give de facto endorsement belief over non-belief.”

“Millions of Americans are atheists, agnostics and non-believers,” says Paul Case. “On May 6th, we’re asking them to join us not by appealing to an invisible authority figure, but to do some real good in their communities.”

Seattle Atheists is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to serving the atheist community in the Seattle area. We strive to promote understanding and respect toward all freethinkers by providing information, creating a sense of fellowship, actively opposing discrimination, and above all, emphasizing reason, critical thinking over supernaturalism and the separation of church and state.

Paul Case, President of Seattle Atheists, (206) 826-0770,

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