Chile update

There is great concern about donor fatigue in the wake of the Haiti earthquake, but the country has been hit very hard, and is requesting aid. From the NY Times:

Tens of thousands of people remain without supplies of food, drinking water and shelter, and reports of looting and other lawlessness are increasing. In Concepción, one of the hardest-hit cities, thousands of government troops were sent to restore order, extending an overnight curfew until midday.

Ms. Bachelet said that she still was not able to give specific figures on the scope of the damage, but that projections have gone as high as $30 billion. She said an estimated 500,000 houses had been destroyed, and serious damage had been done to numerous bridges, roads, ports and public transportation stations.

Here are some more organizations that are working to help Chileans, in addition to the ones listed previously.

Save The Children is sending an emergency assessment team to Chile, and they are asking for contributions to their Children’s Emergency Fund to aid these efforts.

The American Red Cross has made an initial pledge of $50,000 from their International Response Fund, which you can contribute to to further assist.

AmeriCares is sending medical supplies and humanitarian aid to Chile. Make a direct contribution to AmeriCares’ Chilean earthquake fund.

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