Capitol holiday sign in the works

The Olympian is hot on our trail already! Wonder who in the capitol permit office tipped them off? It’s interesting to note that they are already receiving calls, despite the benign nature of the holiday message.

Our sign’s wording will be: “In this holiday season let us remember that kindness, charity and goodwill transcend belief, creed or religion.”

capsignIt’s unclear what kind of dispute might emerge this time around, but GA spokesman Steve Valandra said he’s already received calls or emails complaining that an atheist message might be displayed. Most messages were from southern areas of the country, he said.

I’ve had no recent word from the Freedom From Religion Foundation in Wisconsin, which sponsored last year’s message and is on record as planning another display if religious displays are put up. The group is dead-set against religious displays on government property, but its tactics are controversial.

Even the kindred spirits with Seattle Atheists thought FFRF‘s message was too provocative last year.

“There is of course a lot of controversy even among the free thought movement about the tactics the FFRF employed last year,” Schiffelbein said. “Many thought it was over the top in the way it criticized religion, especially for this time of year. … It could have been said so much better. Which is kind of the purpose of our sign.”

The FFRF message depicted religion as a myth that hardens hearts.

A press release is forthcoming.


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