To callers about the bus signs

Just so we’re clear, there are two sets of bus signs going on here in Seattle. If you’re calling us about the very fine Santa Claus signs on the outsides of buses, sadly, those aren’t ours. They were put together by the FFRF. It says so right at the bottom there. There’s been a lot of coverage about a lot of signs, which is fantastic, but it can get a bit confusing. Unfortunately, we don’t have any for sale.

This is the FFRF’s sign:


And these are ours:

jefferson-300x214If you’re calling us about the inside quote signs, then you’ve called the right people, and we’ll get right back to you. Just so you know.

If you would like to purchase a sign from the last run, please visit the Atheist gear page, and we’d be happy to send one to you for $20 for non-members and $15 for members. They make a great holiday gift (they do come unframed, however).

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