Seeking food donations to replace stolen food

The Rainier Valley Food Bank had several hundred pounds of food stolen from a locked storage container. I am asking everyone who can, to please donate food to the RVFB. Make a donation online here.

From the Seattle Times:

About 450 people are expected Saturday at the Rainier Valley Food Bank to get food for Thanksgiving meals. But when staff arrived Wednesday at 6 a.m., they found the lock on the storage container had been cut and nearly everything inside had been stolen.

Burglars took several hundred pounds of potatoes and onions, as well as 30 crates of canned fruit, soup, chips, peanut butter and vegetables that volunteers collected last weekend. The loss totaled $1,500 to $2,000, said Sam Osborne, the food bank’s executive director.

An update from the Seattle PI:

Thank you to everyone who donated to RVFB in the wake of the burglary. They received over $25k worth of food and financial help! Keep the donations coming during leaner giving months, especially after the winter holiday season. Bring non-perishables to our Jan. 10th Membership Meeting!

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