Candidate statement: Sam Mulvey


My name is Sam Mulvey, and I’ve been pleased to serve as a Member-at-Large for the Seattle Atheists Board in the last term. I would love the opportunity to continue on in that position in the next term.

I see myself as a backstage kind of guy. I tend to think in terms of infrastructure (especially network and computer infrastructure), and I feel like I’ve contributed to the board of Seattle Atheists with that thinking in my first term. I’ve been working on a set of tools for SA which began in the last year with the re-launch of the website. I think that the next year will bring even greater work than I achieved last year, as I feel that I have a better understanding of how Seattle Atheists works.

Since my larger work occurs behind the scenes, I feel I can bring a higher level of good-natured humor to proceedings when it’s time to present to a wider audience. I’d like to say that I approach public interaction with a wink and a grin, but that conjures associations with Sarah Palin and a pallor of incompetence I’m pretty sure I don’t want to include in my candidate statement. It’s not about being a class clown; it’s about being happy to work at something I enjoy.

I’ve learned that it’s more difficult than I realized to be a group of organized atheists in the wider world around us. I feel that the attitude I bring, as well as the tools I have and will continue to build, will continue to be an asset to the board of Seattle Atheists. And saying all of these things without an offsetting self-deprecating remark is making me a little ill. Still, I would appreciate your vote.

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