Candidate statement: Richard Trimble

I am a relatively new member of Seattle Atheists. I have identified as an agnostic or atheist (depending on my mood) since high school but had never felt the need to affiliate with an organization. Now I’ve come to realize that organized efforts like Seattle Atheists are important vehicles for societal change, and I want to help.

Professionally, I am a facilitator, mediator, coach and motivational speaker helping business groups work more effectively together and helping people improve their relationships. I am the organizer of the Meetup group Seattle Sexplorations which is dedicated to sexually-oriented education and entertainment (so I am familiar with challenging traditional ways of thinking).

As a board member I will be a positive influence in board and group discussions helping us stay focused and seek consensus. When opportunities present, I look forward to publicly representing Seattle Atheists and influencing others to join our ranks and stand up for what they believe (or don’t believe, or don’t have enough information to believe… you know what I mean).

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