Candidate statement: Wendy Britton

After a couple of years’ hiatus from being on the board, I have learned quite a bit by being a non-board member and it’s brought a whole new perspective to me on how we can make the organization better every year. So, I would like to run for the board to bring that fresh view to light by once again offering my skills in communication, marketing, event planning, and some innovative PR ideas.

I am also willing to be a representative for the group if needed for TV, news, and radio interviews with board approval of the ‘company line’ on certain topics, and I have past experience with this.  It would also be my goal to seek out future talents for the board by proactively meeting with members and prospective members to help them feel comfortable enough to step forward and to get involved in a more active capacity with us.

As a founder and lifetime member of Seattle Atheists it is and always will be very important to me to have a new ideas on the board while still maintaining the integrity of our original mission statement. I possess both a foundational view as well as a progressive one at this time and I would like to work with the board to further develop the many new organization goals that have been proposed and need to be implemented.

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