Candidate statement: Randy Rumley

Hello, I am Randy Rumley and I am running for an at-large board member position in Seattle Atheists.

I have been on the board for the last few years as an at-large board member or vice President. I would like to continue to be on the board to influence the direction of the organization. Seattle Atheists is now a going concern and we have some projects that I would like be able to direct to larger audiences, such as the Darwin Day planning, bus sign project, and work at street fairs and parades. I would also like to work on expanding our outreach to other areas.

I think we need to participate in as many local events that concern atheists and other freethinkers as we can. Hopefully we can get more member participation through a committee system to help with this. There is only so much that 9 people (the board) can do. I believe that member help and suggestions are necessary to grow into the future.

Thank you.

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