Candidate statement: Mike Gillis

I’m running for the Seattle Atheists Board as an At-Large Member, after becoming increasingly involved with the organization over the past year.

I’ve twice participated wrapping gifts to raise money Children’s Hospital, I marched with the FSM at the Fremont Fair and have tabled for Seattle Atheists at Seattle Pride and other events. I most recently wrote press releases for the Metro bus ad campaign.

Our organization is growing on a wave of increased visibility, and I want to serve on the board to channel that wave to confront anti-atheist persecution and popular misconceptions about non-believers.

I plan on doing this by working to creating a public access call-in show for the organization with a rotating group of co-hosts. Not only will this help promote Seattle Atheists and all of their activities to a far larger audience, like charity gift-wrapping, the season-less food drive, the FSM at parades, or donations and memberships.

It would also help counter-balance the glut of religionist programming available on TV with a skewed views on non-believers. It would create an opportunity for us to assert our own views rather than have them put in our mouths. And I think the call-in content on public access will make for some good TV and comedic gold. The rotating hosts will help avoid creating any sort of cult of personality and highlight the vast range of opinions in our community. Don’t think we disagree? Christopher Hitchens. Discuss.

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