July Membership Meeting w/ Special Guest

This membership meeting is:
Sunday, July 19th
2:00 pm
Green Lake Library

East Green Lake Dr N & 4th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98115

Seattle Atheists are proud to present atheist comedian Jeremy Whitman!

Fresh off his troupe’s “Delived from Dogma” comedy tour, a “freethinking” comedy, where there was just about no piece of bad logic that was not challenged, and no source considered beyond examination, Jeremy will be giving a talk about his ‘slightly off’ definitions of dogma and faith.

He will also discuss the show’s influences and share his personal stories and history, and give a general look at the thought processes (i.e. circular logic, fractured logic, leap of faith logic) inherent in dogmatic systems of belief. Not intended to be straight standup, that is to say it will be funny, but as more of a lecture than a joke-a-minute performance.

Jeremy Whitman is the son of a preacher, the nephew of two more preachers, and had a great uncle who was a Catholic Priest. Whitman was raised a young earth creationist, and attending multiple private Christian schools; including one that his father served as the principal of. This upbringing has given Jeremy a unique inside-out look at the logical fallacies of hardcore fundamentalist Christianity.

Now an accomplished standup comic and outspoken atheist, Jeremy has, after years two solid years of road work in the deep south and the bible belt, taken it upon himself to put together the Delivered From Dogma Comedy Tour in an effort to bring the ideals of Freethinking to anyone who will listen to him gleefully lampoon the more regrettable aspects of religion, and just about any other topic he finds interesting, distressing, or fun to talk about.

* * *
Afterwards, we will take a break, and have an Town Hall- this month’s topic, “Atheism in the workplace

The Greenlake Library is served by metro buses 16, 48, and 316. For directions, click here. This event is not sponsored by The Seattle Public Library.

And we’d appreciate it if you’d RSVP at: http://www.meetup.com/seattle-atheists/

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