Arrgh, mateys! Calling all pirates!


Cap’n Case says:

Come see Seattle Atheists and The Flying Spaghetti Monster at the Fremont Solstice parade!

The Fremont Solstice Parade is this month and we’re building a gigantic Flying Spaghetti Monster to appear to the masses and bless them with his Noodly Appendages! This will bigger and better than last year’s FSM!

The Flying Spaghetti Monster this year will be a larger and more awesome than ever before! He will have a several noodle-spans at least 20 feet long!

Want to join in? Get your pirate gear ready, practice your “Aaarrgghh,” and drop us an e-mail at We’ll send you all the details!

The parade start at noon at N 36th and Leary Way, and ends at Gasworks Park. We will be stationed somewhere near there. Look for the big spaghetti in the sky.

We’ll be doing this again for the Pride Parade on Sunday June 28th, so you can see us there as well!

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