Jim Corbett presents “Hope for Humanists” at May 31st membership meeting

Jim Corbett, of Humanists of North Puget Sound (HNPS) and Humanists of Washington (HOW) will speak at the upcoming membership meeting on Sunday, May 31st at 2 p.m., about “Hope for Humanists.”

Capitol Hill Public Library
425 Harvard Ave. E.
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 684-4715

How does the concept of hope fit into the life of a person that doesn’t believe in the afterlife? Religious believers make a claim that they have a corner on the “hope market” and Jim has set out to prove otherwise in this provocative speech.

Jim Corbett has been an Atheist and Humanist for over 35 years; this state of grace was achieved despite his misspent youth in Catholic elementary school, Catholic High School and Catholic college. Jim has enjoyed his several experiences being the “stand-up” guy for the Humanists of Washington, the Humanists of North Puget Sound and the American Atheists in public debates with various ministers over the question, “Does God Exist?”

Jim has a Masters Degree in Library Science attended law school and has worked in the online legal research field for over 30 years. He assisted Michael Newdow with legal research and editing in his recent federal brief in the case against Supreme Court Justice John Roberts et al. Jim is listed as a co-plaintiff and encouraged many other groups to sign up as plaintiffs as well. Jim’s articles have appeared in the publications of American Atheists and the American Humanist Association (AHA). He will be presenting his program on “Hope for Humanists” at the AHA’s national conference in June in Phoenix.

After that there will be a Q&A, and then we’ll be recruiting pirates for the upcoming Flying Spaghetti Monster appearance at the Solstice Parade and then have a Town Hall on issues facing atheists as well as a discussion on death and dying from a secular perspective.

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