On Obama’s “Faith-Based” initiative

We applaud President Obama in trying to move our government and our people away from use of religion as a divisive political tool.  A good deed is a good deed, whether the motivation is secular or faith-based.  Religious organizations might reasonably make use of government funds to help them carry out good deeds in a secular manner, if they keep finances transparent and if they help people and communities without proselytizing and without discriminating against those who do not share their beliefs. We urge the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships to specifically include non-believers and humanist organizations on their Council and ensure that equal opportunity is provided to non-faith groups to work with this office. We feel that extending a welcome to secular humanists will help yield further positive change toward supporting practical compassionate work in our neighborhoods, communities, and country.

About Case

Organizer of Seattle Atheists/Agnostics Meeting and Seattle Skeptics Meetup.