Candidate Statement: Sam Mulvey, Member at Large

My name is Sam Mulvey, and I have been nominated to be a Member at Large for Seattle Atheists, a nomination I heartily accept.

I am a newcomer to the organization, and also to public atheism. Mystical concepts such as god or creation never really spoke to me as much as the sense of community and the social interface religion provides its membership. As someone committed to the concept of community, I have tried to divine the positive psychological aspects of spirituality from superstition.

Fortunately, I found another place that I feel serves many of the same benefits: bars. As I learned about the historic tradition of pubs and coffee houses, I grew to understand that they can serve as centers of philosophy and learning as well as centers of food and drink. My goal is to create a space outside of religion for such communal activities and fellowship, and I have developed a skill set that would be appropriate: I cook, I brew, I can tend bar, plus I have an amateur’s interest in human psychology.

I think many of these skills are useful to the Seattle Atheists group. Essentially, I am focused on establishing a positive atheist community and social context. To me, public image is a reflection of social context. Community outreach is a perfect forum for building such a context.

To that end, in addition to anything that will be required of me, my personal focus will be on interoperability with other atheist organizations. I am presently an organizing member of the Tacoma Atheist Meetup, working with and for Amanda Banerji. I have started a project to bring a show about the atheist community to the local airwaves and online podcast reserves. I intend for it to focus on how the atheist and skeptical community can better communicate with itself and the world around us.

My professional life differs quite strongly from all of this, and could be a much more immediate interest to Seattle Atheists. I am an internet technology contractor, with specialized skill in AJAX, or more commonly “Web 2.0” websites.  Other potential board members have platforms mentioning spearheading a new SA website, and I would be happy to bring what skills I have to bear on such a project. This would start with a better integrated website, but could lead to a streamlined book keeping and administrative process.

Furthermore, I would like to extend that work into a common technology platform for all member organizations of the Northwest Freethought Coalition in order to promote better community building.

I feel that my technological skills and social interests could be of use to the Seattle Atheist community, and I offer them freely.  If you agree with this assessment, I would welcome your support for a Member at Large position on the board of Seattle Atheists.


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