Candidate Statement: Case, President

Hello SA Members,

My name is Case and I’ve had the pleasure of serving Seattle Atheists as a board member for one year now. I’m honored to have been nominated for the position of President. Under the guidance of Kyle Hepworth and rest of the SA board, it has been a good year for our organization with many successful events, steady growth in membership, and a budget surplus.

After accepting the nomination, I’ve had to think carefully about what it is I can bring to the organization.

Communication: I firmly believe that good leadership can set the tone for how an organization interacts within its community, and how its membership feels about being in the group. It is my intention to publish a monthly statement on our website to post upcoming events, address issues affecting our community and organization, and share with its members the state of the organization. It will be a monthly masthead format much like a ‘letter from the editor’.

Energy: I think we need to update our website and handouts with a fresh new look. I am going to push for a compete overhaul of our website, an effort that I will lead. I want our website to be cleaner, easier to navigate, and more up-to-date.

Accountability: I’ve seen many wonderful efforts/ideas fall between the cracks for lack of follow-up/accountability. My pledge is that for every committee that is formed by me, I will be personally see to the success of that committee.

Bang-for-the-Buck: If there’s one thing our recent partnership with Seattle Atheists/Agnostics Meetup Group has taught us, it’s that unlike any other medium available to us, it brings out the atheist community in droves to our SA events. We can take this one step further by using other websites to get our message out. If elected, I’m going to formally funnel efforts into a Web Committee that will be charged with keeping our message updated through selected social networking sites and YouTube.

Outreach: I know our membership wants to contribute to our success–some are unsure on how to do it. I will continually canvas our membership to uncover talented members and encourage them to become more active. One initiative in which I’ll do this is with a special “Day of Reason” event where anyone can give a presentation on a favorite atheist-related topic.

Exciting Events: I will continue current efforts to bring in speakers, as well as host discussion salons that give atheists a chance to discuss topics affecting the community, and continue our tradition of great volunteer events.

Community: Last, but most important–one of our biggest challenges as an organization is the lack of volunteerism among its members. I think this can be turned around by fostering a stronger sense of community. When our membership meetings transform from a roomful of atheists to a roomful of friends, I’ll know I’ve succeed in this effort. This the most important effort I can bring to our organization.


On Sep 21, we will be given an opportunity to give our nomination speech to you, the SA membership. I hope to not only discuss the points I’ve made above, but also the challenges facing our organization. I hope you’ll come out to hear us all talk, and take part in this important process.

Thank you,

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