Candidate Statement: Jami Blackann, Member at Large

Greetings, members of Seattle Atheists!

Over the past few years, I’ve become an increasingly active member with this fantastic organization. During the past term, I was both a Member at Large and your friendly librarian, and I enjoyed being a more integral part of the group. I’ve put a lot of time and love into this organization, and I would like to continue that role in the following year as Member at Large. I’ve set up and participated in all of the outreach and educational events that we’ve hosted, and I can’t wait to get involved with future events.

Atheists are finally becoming more visible in our society, and I want to encourage more positive and productive dialogue. I think it’s important to reach out to the community through volunteer and educational activities. I want to reclaim the word “atheist” and dispel the common myths that exist about those who do not subscribe to religious belief. I’ve always been enthusiastic about this organization’s goals, and I want to do everything in my power to stimulate Seattle Atheists’ growth and visibility. I’m reliable and dedicated to our cause, and I would greatly appreciate your vote in the coming election!

About Jami