Our membership is increasing rapidly, and your donations are needed now more than ever. Financial donations ensure that our current programs remain funded.

However, financial contributions aren’t the only way you can help. We are often in need of specific items and always looking for  volunteers to help with events. So give us a call, send us an email, or write us a letter and we will be happy to find a way you can help!

Make a Financial Donation

When you donate your hard-earned money to Seattle Atheists, you’re making an important statement. You’re expressing your support of the goals of our organization and helping us to educate the community about atheism. You are helping to spread the positive message that you can be a good person without being religious. Most of all, you are making a change for the better in the world while preserving the religious freedoms (especially the freedom not to be religious) that we enjoy as Americans.

You can send your charitable donation (make checks payable to “Seattle Atheists”) via mail to the address listed here. Or you can donate right now, using PayPal. You will receive a receipt of your donation for tax purposes.

Donate an Item

We have compiled a wish list of items that would be of immediate use to the organization. To arrange donation of an item, contact our President.

  • Meeting space
  • Printer/print services
  • Copier
  • Office space
  • Laptop computer
  • Library books

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