Photography policy

Since Seattle Atheists events are held publicly, we cannot exercise total oversight regarding photography, videography, audio recording of those events.

The privacy of members and non-members who attend Seattle Atheists events is of the utmost importance to the organization. Seattle Atheists policy is to never share, sell, or lease any information provided by members or non-members to any third party for any reason.

However, we are unable to be universally aware of all actions taken by attendees to Seattle Atheists events, which restricts our ability to ensure a complete privacy.

Some event attendees, including members and non-members, have not yet self-identified as atheists to family, friends, and/or co-workers about their atheism, because of the stigma attached to atheism, and the very real social consequences incurred by being a non-believer. They have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Seattle Atheists strongly opposes this kind of discrimination, and while we continually work to raise public awareness as a means to combat it, and hold the conviction that silence about a lack of belief serves to reinforce this discrimination, we nonetheless resolve to support those of our members who are not yet public in their atheism.

In light of the need to balance the respect for our members’ privacy and the necessity of documenting our events for posterity, the Board of Seattle Atheists agreed to compromise between allowing all recording at an event and permitting none (the exception being the officially designated photographer). This compromise is not a prohibition or edict, but instead an appeal to respect.

Attendees at events organized and sponsored by Seattle Atheists should respect the preference of those around them not to be photographed or recorded without their permission.

While it is often unavoidable to capture another person’s likeness in a photograph or video, attendees should deliberately attempt to film only their immediate subjects, and avoid taking “crowd” shots. If any person should fail to respect an attendee’s preference to not be recorded, a Seattle Atheist representative should be alerted to seek to resolve the matter.

By attending an event, an attendee agrees that they understand they may be asked at any time to stop photographing or recording to avoid a potential conflict.

In short, please respect your fellow attendees. They may not want to be recorded. Ask permission.

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