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Darwin Day Planning Meeting

January 10, 2012 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Greetings! This year’s Darwin Day event is Sunday, February 12, at the 2100 Building. The event includes food (and cake, of course), games, trivia, raffle prizes, and an evolution-related lecture. It’s time to work on the details, and we could use your help. Our first meeting is on Tuesday, 1/10/12, at 7pm, and we’ll be gathering in the Solara Apartments lobby. Come join us and make this the best Darwin Day celebration yet!

Update: I’ve posted notes from the meeting below.

Solara Apartments

January 10, 2012

In attendance: Jami, Jerry, Kyle, Mike S., and Vicki W.


Tentative Schedule (the final version will be posted on the announcements):

1200-1300: Setup (decorations, food, technology, tables and chairs)

1300-1330: Doors open at 1300. First half-hour includes gathering, mingling, music, and snacks.

1330: Evolution raffle.

1335-1400: Food, Shellie’s opening talk (evolution in the news), and SA announcements (Bus Ads, Relay for Life, Fair Season, Camping Trip, etc.).

1400-1415: Announcements from other groups (NWFC Conference, CQNW summer camp, Ask an Atheist, etc.).

1415: Evolution raffle.

1420-1450: Evolution Jeopardy game show (“Evopardy”)

1450-1510: Evolution raffle and cake.

1510-1545: Lecture and Q&A

1545-1700: Raffle and games. Skit from another group?

1700-1800: Clean up.


General Management:

* Jerry is handling logistics, with help from Vicki. Shellie will be able to help the day of the event. Shellie will give an opening statement and announcements. Be sure that we go over the speech and approve it beforehand so everyone is on the same page.



* We still need an emcee. This person will lead the raffles and host the game show. We think John K. would be good for this role, if he’s interested.


Behind the Scenes:

* Need a crew dedicated to set-up and clean-up. Tasks at the beginning include decorating, setting up technology, getting the kids’ area ready, arranging tables and chairs, setting up the information/merchandise table, and preparing the food tables. At least one person should be dedicated to staying at the information table (preferably two people so they can take breaks), and at least one person should be in charge of food (with assistants).


Children’s Area:

* The board room will be used for kids’ games and entertainment. Games, crafts, and a movie or two will be available. At the next meeting we’ll go over the supplies that Mary gave us. To play the movie, we can set up a projector and computer speakers (the PA system will be used in the other room). Need suggestions for appropriately themed movie. Ice Age?


* We need two or three adults dedicated to this area. The more the better.


* Contact Camp Quest NorthWest board and volunteers to see if they want to help out. Would Chuck or Brennon like to get involved? Could find an evolution-themed activity to do.



* Kyle has files of the graphics from previous years. We’ll print these off again.


* We would prefer to have new questions, though we can recycle some of the old ones if need be. Besides the emcee, we need one or two other people to help run the show (flip cards on the board, guide people to stage, etc.).


Evolution Raffle

* The printouts are probably in storage, but Kyle will send files just in case.


* Prizes: Mike S. would like to donate Richard Dawkins’ book, The Greatest Show in Earth. Since our library hasn’t been getting any use for a few years, we think some of the library books would make good prizes. We can encourage people to read a book and exchange it at future atheist meetings. This will at least get the books in circulation again instead of sitting in storage.


* FSMs, emblems, buttons, bumper stickers, etc.

* Donations from other freethought groups?



* Ericka will contact fungi professor. If that doesn’t work, she could give a talk herself. Vicki will ping Ericka to see what progress she’s made.



* One person should be in charge, with several helpers. This includes set-up, take-down, and refilling food and supplies that are getting low. Making sure the food tables are presentable and taking care of spills.

* Jerry will purchase supplies with Costco coupons. Take a look at storage to see what we need.

* Purchase several platters of food, drinks, three cakes. Will work out details at next meeting.



* A spinoff of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Pin the tail on the monkey? Beak on the finch? Will need someone to design and print this.

* Evolution Game with M&Ms and Gummy Bears. Will need candy supplies – add to Costco list.



* During the opening half-hour and other down times without events, we should have some music playing. Symphony of Science? DNA music? Other suggestions?


Northwest Freethought Coalition groups

* How would they like to be involved? Help with food or rental costs? Contribute raffle prizes? Volunteer power?

* In the past, skits were suggested, and we have time at the end for something like this. Is anyone interested? Jerry will send message.



* Ask an Atheist will be live during the middle of the event. Could we stream part of the program? Set up a little listening section in the back of a room?

* Need more Darwin buttons. Kyle will bring supplies to next meeting so he and Jami can work on them. Suggestions for other designs?

* Jerry: Confirm reservation at 2100 Building.

* Need decorations. Darwin wearing birthday hat. Streamers. Finches, animal themed. Looking for ideas.


Next Meeting

January 16, 2012 at 6:30 p.m.

Solara Apartments



January 10, 2012
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Solara Apartments
12736 Lake City Way NE
Seattle, WA 98125 United States
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