Official Statement from the Board of Seattle Atheists

Seattle Atheists, a 501(c)(3) corporation organized for educational and charitable purposes, does not discriminate, nor condone discrimination including racism in any form, nor provide a platform for bigotry. The Seattle Atheists’ Code of Conduct applies to all interactions at Seattle Atheists events and websites. We regret that some recent inflammatory comments, posted on the Seattle Atheists’ Facebook page by someone unknown to the Board, were not removed more quickly. That discussion has now been deleted and the person banned. We extend thanks to those who flagged the discussion. Seattle Atheists is run by a very small group of volunteers, and the lack of person-power was a contributing factor in the time required for the organization to respond.

The Seattle Atheists’ Board is considering several approaches going forward regarding online discussions on our platforms. Given the time and effort required to moderate, and the existence of other forums specifically geared to such discussions, one possibility is that Seattle Atheists may decide to no longer host general discussions in its Facebook group. We welcome input from our community. Please direct any questions or comments to info [at] seattleatheists [dot] org.

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